Ch. 15. Schwarzwald (Blackforest) encounter.

The Group of exchange students took a bus on a day trip to the black forest. The forest was unlike any other Louise had seen. The trees were thin and tall. All the trees in the black forest looked exactly the same. The tree trunks were bare, the branches had been chopped off leaving behind a thin dark wooden pole. It reminded Louise of the tallest totem pole in the world.

It smelled wet, damp, and like hundreds of Christmas trees. The ground was covered in dark green moss. It was furry like to the touch like a little fragile animal. Even though the sun shone bright and the students were sweeting, once they entered the shade of the trees, all cooled and conversations started. The group split up with the faster students in the front and the slower to the rear. Louise started out in the middle, migrated to the front and then decided to work her way to the back to mingle with the girls, who were taking their time. All of the students were told to bring a bathing suit and a lunch. Louise wondered if there was some kind of pool built in the middle of the black forest for tourist.

Swimming was Louise’s absolute favorite activity other than dancing. She couldn’t wait. The surprise was found after walking more than an hour. Louise could hear it before she could see it. It sounded like a party, lots of young people shouting. And something else… what was it.? Flowing water? And she could smell something… burning, like a grill. The air had changed. It was no longer sticky and damp. It was fresh.

Louise turned the corner with Ariel by her side only to find sand and a volleyball net. There were a few college students playing volleyball. Even one of the boys from her group had begun to play with them.

Louise noticed behind them a beautiful body of water. The group stayed at this oasis the entire day. There was a wooden deck that went out over the water. Many of the girls had spread out their towels and lay down to tan. Louise put on her bathing suit like all the others, but didn’t trust herself to get in the water or lay in the sun. After all, she didn’t want to get skin cancer. Some brave souls swam out to the waterfall at the other end of the water bed. Everyone cheered and laughed at the bravery of the few, who had the guts to go.

Louise began goofing around with the others and noticed Edon was paying much more attention to her than usual. He followed her around, sat in her lap, pulling her arms around his waist, gave her piggy back rides, tickled her and never left her side. She couldn’t have asked for a better day.

But, as the time in the black forest came to a close and all traveled back to the bus, Louis’s hopes of sitting next to Edon on the bus and getting to know him better where crushed. Her hope of having a relationship with him was halted as he sat a few rows behind her next to a red headed girl. The same girl Louise had met on the first night in Washington D.C., the same pail, beautiful model looking girl. How could she have missed this? How could she not have known? The girl placed her head in Edon’s lap as he stroked her curls. It made Louise sick. Why did he lead her on that way, only to have a girlfriend?

Oh well, Louise didn’t care. At least, that is what she told herself. Upon returning to the Jugendherberge Edon tried to speak with Louise, but she turned her back on him and went straight to her room. She told Ada, Sophy and Helen, who witnessed the whole ordeal, that she wanted to be left alone. She asked them not to allow any visitors for her. They promised to keep the boys out. Not only did Edon want to speak with her, but also another boy who had been trying to get her attention for the past few days. She thought she had made it clear to him, that she didn’t want to start a relationship, but he persisted.

Louise lay on her bed enjoying the peace, trying not to feel sorry for herself. She convinced herself that it was better this way. She would stay out of trouble. She didn’t want to be with a cheater or a flirt anyways. He would probably turn around and do the same thing to her.

A few moments later Louise hears a knock on the door. Who was it now? She heard Sophy and Ada tell a boy to leave, saying that Louise didn’t want to speak right now. The boy persisted, but finally gave up after realizing there was no hope. Thank goodness for friends.

Not too long after that, another boy came to the door. Louise knew it was Edon. She recognized his voice. Her stomach fluttered and she became light headed as she lifted her ear to hear what was being said.

She couldn’t understand, they were talking in hushed voices. Part of her wanted them to send him away and part of her wanted him to come in and stay with her. She knew that they would send him away, as they did the other boy, so she laid her head back down on her pillow and imagined, what he wanted to tell her. Probably lies. Yes, it was better that she told her roommates to send visitors away. But to her surprise the key whole jiggled. The door opened slowly and in came Edon.

Why didn’t they listen? Roommates! Think they know what is best. She couldn’t blame them though. He was hot. Who could say no to those eyes, those lips and silky skin? He was pure beauty. His arms, his arms were the most wonder thing. What was she thinking? Looks aren’t everything, but they sure do help and he was gorgeous.

He climbed up the ladder, stopping short. Louise had purposefully turned her head away from him to face the wall. She knew she would not be able to hide her feeling, if he saw her face.

‘’What are you doing here Edon? I don’t want visitors. I’m not playing hard to get. Just get out.’’ She said.

‘’Louise, listen. Please.’’ He begged. Well, he should be begging after what he did. How could he hurt his girlfriend like that? Why was he there, next to Louise and not with her?

When Louise didn’t answer, he continued. ‘’I know you’re upset. You have every right to be. But I broke up with Jennifer. That is what I wanted to tell you before you stormed off. I wanted to tell you, that I was going to break up with her, so that I can be with you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.’’

Louise was confused. She didn’t want to be the reason for someone else’s pain. At the same time she felt like she was floating. Could he be serious? He broke up with Jenifer, the model girl to be with her? Unreal. He must be joking.

‘’How did she take it?’’ Louise asked. She asked for two reasons, one to find out if he was lying and two because she really did care if this girl was suffering.

‘’Oh, she was pissed, she was really mad. But then she cooled off and I think she’ll be alright. I knew she really wasn’t my type, but we just kind of came together. To be honest, I think after she calmed down, she realized the same thing.’’

Yes! She knew it. He wasn’t lying. He couldn’t have made that up. Louise smiled without turning toward him. She felt herself twitch with pleasure. This was happening. Right now. The perfect end to a perfect day.

‘’Does she know it is because of me?’’ Louise asked a little worried.

‘’I didn’t tell her, but she saw us interacting today, so she probably knows.’’ He answered.

Well, there really wasn’t anything left to say. She just hoped she wouldn’t wake up to find out that this was all a dream. She wanted so badly to grab him and touch him to make sure this was real. But she was still pretending to be made. She wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easy.

He began to stroke her hair. She closed her eyes, allowing each stroke to send an electric pulse from her head to her stomach to her warmth. She took a deep breath, glad that she was not a boy. A boy cannot hide his desire as it grows, but a girl can secretly swell, open and become damp with pleasure. She sank into submission as he continued to stand by the bed simply stroking her hair.

How can someone have this kind of power over another? She breathed deeper, hardly noticing that he had climbed into bed next to her. It was so different compared to her encounter with Leander that first week. Edon did not caress her body as if he owned it, as Leander had. Edon did not pull her to him, as Leander had. Edon let her wonder, what he was feeling, instead of pressing it into her back. Edon sat up slightly to look at her. She couldn’t help but turn her head toward him, to read the passion in his eyes. She was diving into the ocean. She was lost in him. She knew nothing else but him. There was nothing but him in this moment. He leaned slightly forward as if wanting to smell the fragrance of a rose. He inhaled, smiling, almost shaking mere centimeters from her face. He came closer, allowing his lips to brush over hers softly.

She closed her eyes, wondering if this was love. She could hear her own breath quivering. She slid her hand to the back of his head, pulling him in ever so slightly. She parted her lips and sank into a pool of wet. They lay there like this enjoying the smells, sounds and sheer pleasure of kissing for the first time.

Later that night, after dinner, when all the students had gone into their own room, Louise asked her roommates, why they had let Edon into that afternoon, but not Kyle.

The three laughed. Helen asked sarcastically if they had made a mistake. Sophy reiterated, ‘’every girl here would die to be with Edon and he chose you. What more is there to say?’’

‘’Yea, we weren’t going to let you pass this up, just because he was dating someone else. He told us at the door, that he broke up with Jenifer, so we had to let him in. You are so lucky.’’ added Ada.

‘’Yea, ok fine. I guess I forgive you. But you made it too easy for him. I still wish you had of not let him in. Kyle is going to be so jealous. Poor guy.’’ Said Louise

Helen tried to comfort Louise, ‘’Kyle will be fine. You didn’t want to be with him anyways. Now he will actually leave you alone.’’

‘’And face it Lou, he’s not in your league.’’ said Sophy.

Louise had always hated that term, ‘’Not in someone’s league’’ as if they were playing a baseball game. How do you know if someone is in your league or not?  Is there some kind of unwritten criteria? She didn’t want to argue. And the comment kind of flattered her. So this is what Louise had been missing out on for the past 3 years. It was fun. She was glad to back in the world of boys. At least the boys like Edon.


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