Ch. 3. Why she became Mrs. Guillotine.

When the teacher asked a question, it didn’t matter what Louise answered, it was always wrong. Louise didn’t let this get her down. She stayed positive, knowing that she was giving her best. The teacher would often point out Louise, calling her a ‘’Faulenser*’’ iterating that she wiould never learn German.The teacher asked the other girls to chime in, all saying ‘’Faulenser, Faulenser’’

Maybe Louise was lazy, but she still wanted to learn German. Eventually she told her mother about what was going on in the classroom.

The Teacher would receive telephone calls from her son overseas and spend half the class, talking in Polish with him. Sometimes she would be the one to initiate the call.

She would ask the students a question and slam on the desktop, if the answer was wrong.  She would wrap her fingers around the handle on the desk drawer, saying, ‘’Messer**, Messer… I cut your throat,’’ if it took one of her students too long to answer. And spit out ‘’Dumme Ente***’’ in a harsh kind of way, if the answer was incorrect.

She started not even allowing Louise to answer. She would sigh and ask, ‘’Why do you even raise your hand? You answer always wrong.’’  Clicking her tongue, she would continue, ‘’ my little Faulenser,’’ then shake her head and call on one of the other girls to answer.

Other times, if this teacher was in a good mood, she would jump up and draw a stick mann on the board, getting his head chopped off, yelling ‘’Guillotine, Guillotine!’’ if one of her students answered incorrectly. She would continue to exaggerate how his head would roll away from his body. That, is how Mrs. Guillotine received her name.

Sally promptly spoke with the school director.  Mrs. Guillotine transferred schools almost the very next day. Apparently other parents had already complained, but none so much as Sally.

The girls were not sorry to see her go. When she left, they allowed themselves to discuss how horrible this teacher had been. They had often not trusted themselves to voice a negative opinion to one another, while Mrs. Guillotine had been present.

It was midway through sophomore year, when a new teacher arrived, bringing a fresh wind of hope, removing the shadows cast down by the old willow, who strangled her pre, allowing long hidden blossoms to bloom in the bright sun of righteousness.

Change had arrived and Louise received it with open arms.

*very lazy person


*** Stupid Duck

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