Ch. 17 Best Night Ever.

Edon grabbed a bottle of white wine and two wine glasses while on a trip with the group. After getting back and eating dinner he took his new possessions and Louise in the opposite direction of the Biergarten*. They walked along the river bank until coming to a bench. The two sat down and looked around. The sun was low in the sky, sending colors of red, orange, yellow and even purple. They didn’t have much time before the Jugendherberge** would be locked from the inside, so Edon popped the cork in the wine bottle and poured both a glass of wine. He told Louise to put her legs up in his lap and make herself comfortable, which she did. She trusted Edon. She knew most boys would only say that so they could have a reason to touch her thighs or so that they could touch her feet.

What is it about boys and feet? She remembered Josh from the eighth grade following her around at a party wanting to kiss her feet. She almost kicked him in the face. He talked her into getting into the hot tub with her where he began rubbing her feet. She relaxed so much as he was rubbing one of her feet that she didn’t notice when he raised it out of the water and brought it to his mouth. It was too late, he stuck her big toe in his mouth and began sucking on it before she realized it and then she did kick him in the face. Not on purpose. She had just been a bit shocked and kicked out of reflex. Josh wasn’t mad. He thought it was funny. He promised no to lick her toes again if she would just stay in the hot tub, please. Lick!? He had been sucking on them like a lollipop. Louise got out and that was the end of that.

Edon didn’t touch or rub her feet or grab her thighs, he just gave her more wine and talked for a few minutes. Louise listened to him talk and watched the water sparkle as it flowed by. Edon told Louise to sit in his lap so they could be closer. She stood up and sat on his right leg and wrapped her left arm around his shoulder. She ran her fingers through his hair, something she had never done before to a boy. She felt so comfortable. Edon turned to face her and she leaned in to kiss him. When had she ever been the first to start a kiss? Never.

Louise was wearing a tank top and shorts. The top strap of her tank top had fallen down the side of her shoulder. Edon placed the tips of his fingers on her upper arm and slowly pushed them upward, bringing the strap of the shirt with him. She watched him push it into place, back on her shoulder. He twisted his finger in the strap and leaned in as if wanting to kiss Louise’s neck. He unwound his finger and looked up at Louise, who was staring at him. He let go of her shirt and grabbed for the bottle of wine which was almost empty. He poured the rest of the wine into their glasses and said, ‘’Come on, let’s finish this and get back quickly, I think we only have 5 minutes left before lockdown.’’

Edon looked at his watch, ‘’no, shit, we only have 2 minutes.’’ Louise and Edon jumped up, chugged the rest and tossed the bottle in a trash can on the way back. They held hands, laughing and running as fast as they could. A half a bottle of wine had a whole different effect on Louise than beer ever had. She felt as though she was floating. Edon was pulling her along saying, ‘’Come on Louise.’’

They made it into the building at the last moment. They met some of the other students at the door who were also jumping in at the last minute. One asked, ‘’Where were you two? We didn’t see you at the Biergarten.’’ Edon and Louise didn’t reply, they just ran by straight upstairs into Edon’s room.

They fell onto his bed laughing at the fact that they might have been locked out. The door had literally been locked right behind them. Louise said, ‘’I’m going to get ready for bed, but if it is alright, I’ll come back in a little bit.’’

‘’Yes, please come back.’’Edon replied.

Louise went into her bedroom. She brushed her teeth and hair, flossed, washed her face, and put on her cutest pajamas. She waited a while until it was quiet. She wasn’t even sure if she should go until she heard footsteps and a door opening. Louise jumped out of bed and out of the door to find Milly, leaving the girls section. ‘’Geese, Louise, you scared me. What are you doing?’’

‘’I don’t know’’ was all she could say.

‘’Do you want to come with me, I’m going to Sasha’s room?’’

Louise looked both directions down the hall. ‘’Uh, I told Edon I would be back, but I’m not sure now.’’

Milly, ‘’Come on. No one will see you. But be quiet the leaders sleep in here.’’ She pointed at the room next to her.

‘’All right,’’ said Louise as she followed Milly into the boy’s room. The lights were out when they went in the room. Edon’ bunk was the lower left one and Sasha’s the upper right. Milly grabbed Louise’s arm before climbing the ladder to Sasha and whispered, ‘’Have fun!’’

Louise didn’t reply, she just crawled into bed next to Edon who covered her up with his blanket. ‘’I didn’t think you would come.’’ He said smiling at her.

She placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She laid her left arm over his chest and wrapped her fingers around his right arm. Was he flexing? Or was that the normal size and firmness of his arm? She forgot about the others in the room and began to stroke his arm. It was hard and stiff. He turned his head to her and she allowed him to kiss her. She melted on the outside and burned on the inside. She figured he wanted the same thing she did so she pulled her shirt over her head. Edon did the same.

All she knew was to go fast like she had the first time with Ryan. But Edon stopped her. She wanted to take off all of her clothes, but he softly pushed her back down onto his arm. She had no idea that going slow could be even more intense. It gave her time to want more, and want more and burn, and want more. The more time he allowed, the warmer she became.  As she lay at his side kissing him, getting wet, he lifted her left breast from where it had been pressed against his side and placed it on his chest. He stroked it, stopping at her nipple for a moment to push it in and press it between his thumb and pointer finger. This sent Louise over the top. She couldn’t help herself. She reached under the cover and pulled off her pants and underwear. He did the same, but lay back down on his back. He didn’t grab forcefully at her. He must have known that it would have driven her away. She must have known that he would never do anything to her.

She thought he laid back so that she could get on top, like she had seen in the movie her father showed her, when she was still a child. She climbed on top of him and he helped guide his manhood into her. He knew better than she did where it belonged. She glided down on him, but had to stop midway because she wasn’t sure that he would fit into her. It hurt worse that the first time she had sex. It had been four years since she had slept with Ryan.

Her nipples were hard and she pressed down wanting to feel all of him. She began pumping like she had back then, 4 years ago. But Edon grabbed her waist and held her still. He sat up, holding her in his arms and kissed her on the lips, then on the cheek and neck. She wasn’t sure what was happing. Did he not want to have sex with her? He took her breast in his hands and began sucking on her right nipple. He was holding her bottom with his left hand and fondling her left breast with his right hand. Ok, he did want to have sex with her, but he was taking over the reins.

Her chest was heaving and she could feel herself contracting over and over. She felt as though she would explode. Suddenly she became aware that they were not alone in the room. She remembered that there was another boy lying in his bunk just 3 feet away and could probably see everything. She remembered Milly and Sasha being in the bunk above that guy and another boy in the bunk directly above the two of them. She jerked her head around to make sure no one was watching. It was too dark to tell, to know for sure. It was quiet. She wondered if Sasha and Milly had had sex. She hadn’t heard them. She hoped that they were all asleep or if there was some kind of boy code; don’t be a cockblock*** just pretend you don’t see anything.

Edon must have sensed her fear. He turned the two of them around so that she was on her back. He lay on top of her and pulled the blanket up over them both. He didn’t enter her immediately again. He laid on top of her waiting for her to give a signal that she was ready for more. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him tight to her body. He kissed her on the mouth and she again began to forget about the others. She felt safe knowing that Edon and the blanket at least covered her now. Even if the other boys could see and hear what was going on they could not look at her private parts.

Most of the group had already seen her breast. Sometime that past week the whole group had gone swimming. A few girls noticed that other women at the Freibad**** were sunbathing topless. They dared each other to do the same. Louise was part of the dare and ended up lying topless next to four other girls, Milly, the model girl, the red head (Edon’s Ex) and Ada. One of the boys from the group thought he would be funny and take a picture. He snapped a shot while casually walking by then took off running. The girls just laughed at the craziness of it all and decided to put back on their tops. Louise wasn’t sure how many others had already seen this picture. She figured everyone, but that was no reason to give them more now. This was not a Freibad. This was intimate.

She knew the effects of the wine had not worn off and asked herself if she would regret this. It didn’t matter. What would there be to regret? Sharing love with someone she loved should be celebrated not regretted. Edon was careful and caring and passionate. He brought her to ecstasy. He lifted his upper body with his arms a touch away from her body and looked her in the eyes as he slowly pushed his enormous throbbing joystick into her. She spread her legs wide, allowing him to enter deep. She grabbed his upper arms, feeling the power in them. He did not thrust hard. He moved slowly in her, back and forth, in and out, deep and shallow a few times before pulling out ever so gently.

She didn’t understand why he would pull out. Didn’t he want to finish? Her body screamed for more. How could his absence intensify her desire to feel him again? She lifted her pelvis toward him, hoping he would enter again. She was on fire. When he didn’t come she wanted to wrap her legs around him and force him in, but she didn’t. She just let herself breath deep and enjoy the new experience of wanting, wanting, wanting.

Edon filled her need in a way she never imagined possible. He held her breast and licked each nipple. Each touch, each tip of wetness sent a vibration through her whole body. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t think. She lay as still as possible afraid of her own passion, afraid of hurting him, afraid of screaming. She couldn’t stand it. He licked, kissed and rubbed his way down to her warmth. What was he doing down there? No boy/man had ever put his face directly on her most private part. But she wasn’t scared, she was excited. He knew exactly what to do. He drew slow circles around her clitoris with his tongue, just a few, then came back to her quickly and entered. This time not so gently, but she didn’t care, she wanted to feel him enter deep and work her body. She wanted to feel his lust and feel him loose control. He was shaking and pulsing, but suddenly pulled out, threw the covers over his head, bypassing the breast, he went directly south. He began circling again and lifted his hands up to her breast to squeeze her nipples a few times before reaching down with his right hand and shoving two fingers into her. He never missed a beat. He worked all of her major points, breast, clitoris, and g-spot (although she didn’t know then what a g-spot was).

Right when she thought she could take no more came back up and kissed her, ramming his manhood in a few times before going back down. This time it only took seconds before she lost all control. She hit the wall next to her and tried to be as quiet, but she was screaming on the inside. She was panting and shanking and then it was over.

She reached down to grab his head, he had to stop, she could stand no more. She pulled him up to her and kissed him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and never wanted to let him go. He was sweating and warm all over. His chest and arms still firm like the rest of his body. She wasn’t sure what to do now. She didn’t know if he had an orgasm or not. She didn’t think so, she would think about that in a minute. Right now she just wanted to hold him and feel his weight on top of her.

He lifted his head and seemed a tiny bit shocked, ‘’Did you already have an orgasm?’’ They must have been at it only a matter of minutes, but either the effects of the wine allowed her to loosen up this much or he was just that good.

‘’Yea, did you not notice?’’ She asked

‘’Not really, well I wasn’t sure. I didn’t hear you.’’

‘’I was trying to be quiet.’’

‘’Oh’’ He gave her kiss on the mouth and got up. He went into the bathroom and relieved himself.

What a gentleman. He could have continued with her. At that point she wouldn’t have cared. She wanted it, but neither one had a condom and he didn’t want to get her pregnant. Still, he could have asked her to ‘go down on him.’ It would have frightened her to death. She had never really looked at one much less touched it or put her mouth on one. She might be able to do that someday. She was glad today was not the day. He didn’t even seem mad. He came right back to bed and cuddled up next to her. That night she slept peacefully in his arms.

Louise woke up the next morning naked in Edon’s Bed. She remembered exactly what happened last night and a smile crossed her lips. She kissed Edon on the shoulder, then turned left to see if she could get up and look for her clothes. The room was empty.

Just then Sophy came in saying, ‘’I thought you would be here. You better hurry; it is almost time for breakfast. You don’t want the leaders, seeing you come from Edon’s room.’’ His room was the only boy’s room on the upper level. All the other boy’s rooms were downstairs.

‘’What! I’ll come with you. Just give me two seconds ok.’’


Louise woke Edon and got dressed. Then she left with Sophy, after all, the rule was, ‘’No sex in the Jugentherberge’’ and she didn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea. She made it to breakfast on time, but had to shower afterward. She didn’t go jogging that morning, nor any other morning for the rest of the trip. She slept in Edon room almost every night until the night of the grill party. Louise not only shocked Edon into leaving her, but she shocked herself, doing something she never thought possible.

*An outdoor pub that opens in the summer time in Germany

**Youth hostel

***Someone who keeps a male from having sex

****Outdoor swimming pool


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