Ch. 20 The CD from Ted, Louise’s Father

Louise lay on her bed one afternoon and decided to listen to the CD that her father made for her. First came song about a fathers love, ‘’Nothing is as great as a fathers love…. You’re daddies little girl.’’ Actually a whole row of songs about father’s and daughters, all very sentimental, followed. Louise began to cry. She wanted to believe that her father only wanted what is best for her. She wanted to believe that he loved her. She imagined that he was singing these songs to her.

She thought this was such a nice present from her father. She thought, ‘’when I get home sick this year, I can pick up this CD and listen to it.’’

After listening to about 7 heart wrenching songs the music stopped and her father’s voice came through the speakers on her headphones.

He said. ‘’Hi Louise, this is your father. I just want you to know, that I think you have made the wrong decision in going to Germany this year. You are on the plane right now listening to this CD.

As you know, I wanted you to move in with Devlin and I. This would have been best for you. We could have shown you how Christians really live. We could have guided you alone your path. But you chose to disobey your father and now you will have to live with the consequences.

I don’t think you are ready for the challenges you will face this year. You are running away, just as the prodigal son left his father for his own selfish pleasure. Surely you can understand.

You and I both know, that I have no real control, over keeping you here. When your mother left me, she took away all my parental power. I only got to see you every other weekend. That was not enough time to discipline you and your sister.

I wanted you to move in with me so that I could be the father that I always wanted to be. But you have made your decision. I love you. Bye.’’

That was the most ridiculous CD Louise’ father could have made for her. She no longer felt a closeness to him as she had after hearing the songs. She felt loved after listening to them. But this message was not loving at all. It was accusing and hurtful. It was degrading.

Why couldn’t he be happy for her? Why couldn’t he be proud of her? She made it into this exchange program not out of luck rather out of hard work. Thousands of kids applied and she was one of the few to be chosen.

She angrily pulled the CD from the CD player and shoved it back into her suitcase. She would show him who wasn’t ready for Germany.

The next night was the last night in the Jugendherberge. She could hardly sleep just thinking about it…

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